The Experience

We all know the desert carries magic. Made in the centuries-old, wildcrafted tradition of Northern Mexico’s legendary Sotoleros and distilled into a top shelf, award-winning modern spirit, Los Magos Sotol will transport you to the captivating and complex birthplace of this single origin, wild foraged, 100% organic premium spirit. Infused with the magic and mystery of millennia, Los Magos Sotol is an experience unlike any other .


The flavors of Sotol are shaped by its terroir – the atmosphere and region in which they are grown and the enduring link it has to it’s people. Sotol is protected by a denomination of origin (its “DOM”), not unlike Champagne or Parmigiano Reggiano. This region specific artisanal spirit takes on the qualities of the earth it was grown in. From drier areas it will have notes of earth and pepper, like the smell of rain on hot earth. From forest lands it will embody more moss, eucalyptus, and sweetness of the dew. Los Magos blanco sotol is drawn primarily from prairie grasslands and provides a very smooth, rounded and fulsome feel with floral notes, light citrus, hints of its desert terroir with faint wisps of smoke from the earthen ovens in which the sotol pinas are baked.