Here at Los Magos we invest not only in protecting and enhancing the ecosystem in which sotol plants have naturally flourished for millenia, but in bettering and supporting the people who make it all possible through fair trade and fair wages that raise the bar for farming and manufacturing practices.

Through the Los Magos Foundation Inc we invest in our artisanal community, furthering access to healthcare, education, nutrition and technology and ensuring that future generations can continue the tradition of this age-old craft.

The Los Magos Foundation was organized to develop and implement philanthropic programs in support of the workers, their families and the communities that are integral to bringing you our artisanal products. The challenges which arose in 2020 refocused the world on how impactful every individual is to society – what some refer to as “the butterfly effect”. The woven tapestry of our interconnected lives punctates our commitment to preserving the culture, land and people a small bit of which is captured in each handcrafted bottle while leveraging The Los Magos Foundation to create a multiplier effect, to enrich the human condition of the communities we touch and hopefully beyond.

We deeply honor the delicate balance of giving and receiving and strive to uphold the integrity of the quality of our product and our operational practices. We are dedicated to the preservation of the prestigious craft that is Sotol and continue to invest in the community so that we can perpetuate the growth and evolution of future generations.

The Foundation’s mission is financed through fundraising initiatives and for every bottle sold, a percentage of sales is dedicated to the Foundation’s programs which focus on Chihuahan communities access to enhanced nutrition, better healthcare, quality education and technology. We tirelessly work to improve the standards of migrant worker conditions. Every worker we employ will be given access to the means to not only sustain a livelihood but a better opportunity for their family to prosper.

The Los Magos Foundation Inc., established in 2021, is a Texas not-for-profit corporation which has applied for 501(c)3 recognition by the IRS. Los Magos Spirits International Inc., the Foundation’s sponsor, is a public benefit corporation that is in the process of obtaining B Corp and Fair-Trade certification.