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10 New Whiskeys To Try This September. From double-decade old bourbon to a trilogy of “Pacts,” the spirit industry saw a wide array of limited-batch whiskey innovations this month. Check out the gallery for the latest releases from Glenfiddich, WhistlePig, Luxco and more.

It seems like everyone’s go-to drink order these days is an Espresso Martini. While it was always a recipe for cocktail success—boozy espresso in a martini glass?!—what’s not to love? It’s definitely one of the more trendy cocktail orders these days, thanks to regular appearances on reality shows (literally everyone orders it) and unique takes […]

“Summer is finally upon us, with brighter skies, warmer weather — and one of the biggest days to celebrate summer—July 4th! Summer in NYC brings a sense of optimism to the five boroughs. Residents shed their spring hoodies and rain coats and emerge to take advantage of green spaces across the City. Additionally, many New […]

“Tequila and mezcal have dominated the Mexican spirits industry for decades and the category is ripe for disruption,” opines Juan Pablo Carvajal of Los Magos. “We feel extremely fortunate to be able to share Los Magos Sotol with the world, as its flavor profile shares some of the better qualities of premium tequilas and mezcals, […]

Featured on the menu of the newly opened Zapote Bar in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the Sotol Los Magos puts Sotol, a distant cousin of the earthy mezcal made from the desert spoon plant, at the forefront of this Mexican-inspired Negroni. “I love the flavor of the sotol distillate because it’s distinctive enough to be noticeable, […]

The distinctive Los Magos Sotol recipe is based on the idea of a spirit that is “soft” on the palate while still showcasing the great variety of flavors the spirit has to offer. The beauty of the flavors is steeped in tradition while at the same time offers a new flavor profile for a modern […]

We set out on a mission to explore the natural beauty of the desert and to find the original Sotol makers in the region, paying homage to this centuries old spirit,” says Co-Founder and Chief Production Officer, Juan Pablo Caravjal. “Sotol is more than just a beverage but a journey of flavors making its way […]

Juan Pablo Carvajal, owner of Sotol Los Magos, or “The Magicians,” is part of a new guard of young sotol producers eager to revive the category on a larger scale. Over the last year, he has seen immense growth for his company. “We’ve expanded to five states around Mexico, and we can see a very […]

“There is a history that we share,” said Juan Pablo Carvajal, founder of a Mexican sotol brand called Los Magos. “This history has changed because of the people who are in it. It will keep changing because of the people who are in it.”

Juan Pablo Carvajal, founder of the brand Los Magos, hopes to develop a single-origin sotol from prairie plants in the near future. “We want to showcase the variety that we have here in Chihuahua,” he says of the decision.

“Understanding sotol is a way to understand the magical essence of Chihuahua,” says Juan Pablo Carvajal, a young sotol entrepreneur whose brand’s name—Los Magos, or “The Magicians”—encapsulates this idea. Carvajal is part of a young generation of sotol enthusiasts who are trying to bring the spirit from the rural Chihuahuan countryside to the rest of […]

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