Steeped in the heritage and artisanship of the fabled Sotoleros of Chihuahua, Los Magos Sotol pays homage to the spirit of Mexico.

After years in the wilderness, Northern Mexico’s mythical distillate is rightfully restored from taboo to top shelf. Made from native, wild harvested sotol plants; produced in the time honored tradition of generations of master Sotoleros; and revolutionized into an award-winning, modern spirit, Los Magos Sotol is a magical expression of the rich community and culture of Chihuahua.

With each sip, Los Magos triple distilled, premium Sotol captures the inimitable terroir of the region, offering bright and complex notes reminiscent of its birthplace: the rolling hills, grasslands and desert of Northern Mexico.

We created Los Magos as a celebration of Chihuahuan culture and to inspire the next generation of Mexican spirit lovers to gather, share memories with friends and make new ones filled with magic.