Los Magos Sotol + Desert Spirit Cigars

Los Magos Sotol Blanco 750ml


100% Organic Sotol
Triple Distilled

Los Mago’s Sotol Father’s day Bundle

From Monday, June 5 to Friday, June 16, 2023, when you buy 1 bottle of Los Magos Sotol, you’ll receive 2 Los Magos Sotol Desert Spirit Cigars by Payne-Mason. You’ll also receive 1 entry into a lottery to purchase a bottle of our extremely rare Los Magos Barrel-Aged Sotol WhistlePig Edition #1. Lottery winners will be contacted at a later date.

About our magic

Our Sotol Blanco is masterfully smoked, fermented, triple distilled and rested before bottling to achieve the ideal balance and consistency of flavor. Los Magos Sotol Blanco is made from 100% Sotol, never using any additives and from sotol sourced ethically and sustainably from the Chihuahuan desert. This beautiful bottle has complex notes of citrus, black pepper, light smoke, and eucalyptus on the nose, the palate is soft and velvety with flavors of honey, savory spice, and an herbaceous finish.

The Desert Spirit, Los Magos. 100% pure Sotol denominación de origin Chihuahua, Mexico.

Los Magos Sotol - WhistlePig Edition #1 750ml



Two award-winning spirits come together to make something the world has never seen – introducing Los Magos Sotol Blanco aged in WhistlePig Rye whiskey barrels. This limited edition release highlights the rich history and terroir of the Chihuahuan Desert with the world’s #1 ultra-premium rye whiskey brand.

This special edition is the epitome of community and innovation, showcasing the best of both brands by aging Los Magos’ 100% wild-harvested sotol in WhistlePig’s oak barrels that had previously aged their 10 Year Rye Whiskey. It is a well-balanced spirit with hints of smoke, wood, and eucalyptus. It is great to sip neat or on the rocks and would be perfect in an old fashioned or negroni. We encourage you to enjoy it with your own community, whiskey and Mexican spirit lovers alike. 

For information on where to find this product near you, email info@losmagossotol.com


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Los Magos Sotol – 6 Year Reserva 750ml

Los Magos Sotol – 6 Year Reserva 750ml

Coming Soon

This beautiful experiment is very likely the only 6-year reserve sotol in existence today. Our small batch spirit presents with extracted flavors of vanilla, clove, and Christmas Spice. In total, there were 1,000 liters made. This expression, like the entire Los Magos Spirits line, is made from 100% Sotol, without any additives and from sotol sourced ethically and sustainably from the Chihuahuan desert.

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Los Magos Sotol Cigars by PAYNE-MASON

In partnership with PAYNE-MASON Cigars, America’s Premiere Cigar Manufacturer, the LOS MAGOS SOTOL custom cigar line is comprised of authentic hand-made cigars by Cuban Master Rollers using the finest aged and rare tobaccos from around the world. Each cigar is encased in a sealed glass tube to ensure freshness.