Los Magos Goes for the Gold

With nationwide health ordinances, social distancing requirements, and other restrictions setting the landscape of 2020 and beyond, it becomes even more necessary to bring awareness to the things in life that provide a little bit of levity and entertainment.

Los Magos has never lost sight of expresión de alegría de la vida while focusing on producing its unparalleled sotol. So, while the world may, at moments, feel like it is at a standstill, the work of our master distillers (and their smiles) forge on. We even entered the San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge of 2021, along with hundreds of other entrants.

While largely dominated by wines, this competition only awarded those who met the judge’s standards of achieving 80 blind taste points or higher (Silver Status). With 70% of the wine entrants achieving Silver status, the competition was stiff, and Los Magos, once again, stood apart next to the other spirits, including Tequila.

This year’s panel consisted of the Chief Spirit’s judge, Maurice DiMarino. With over 10 years of extensive background in the San Francisco restaurant industry, Maurice recently returned to his home in San Diego to take over as Beverage Director for the Cohn Restaurant Group (CRG). Maurice is a certified sommelier, certified cicerone® and CRT certified in Tequila, and he oversees wine, beer, and spirits programs for CRG’s 26 restaurants in San Diego, Long Beach, and Maui. 

Even with a judge certified in Tequila, we were still confident in the magic of our brand and premium sotol. And we were rewarded. In the blind taste tests, Los Magos sat alongside Tequila and other sotol brands, resulting in the only Sotol brand awarded above silver status and achieving Gold while beating out several tequila brands all together with 90 taste points.  

Some might credit our triple distilling technique, exclusive mineral waters, or proprietary copper still designs that distinguished our sotol in the spirit category. But we know that the real magic comes from the generational knowledge and cultural heritage that instills each bottle of Los Magos Sotol with its mesmerizing quality and spellbinding taste. With each sip, you take part in our legacy and inheritance.

We are honored and humbled to have been awarded Gold Status in this challenge. We are more honored to be included in so many people’s lives as part of their celebrations and gatherings. While the world continues to spin on its axis with or without lockdowns, we are committed to making the world a little better and brighter by creating small but new experiences and opportunities to connect with the people around us.