Our Industry Influencer

Bequeathed on this world as a third generation in a heritage of pub owners and cocktailers, our subject matter expert and industry influencer, Sean Kenyon, has spent his 33-year career curating some of the finest events and influencing some of the most resplendent institutions in the food and beverage industry. As both owner/operator and consultant of several prestigious bars, restaurants, and hotels, the average American has likely felt his toque mágico without knowing it.

Sean’s magical touch has been inside of several national hotel chains, restaurants, and distilleries such as P.F. Changs, Kona Grill, Woody Creek, and Spring 44, as well as some more neighborhood-specific ventures such as Williams & Graham, Occidental, and American Bonded, which have been recognized as Drink International Magazine’s “World’s Top 50 Bars” (2015), Cocktail Spirited Awards’ “American Cocktail Bar of the Year”(2014), Esquire’s “Best Bars in America” (2016), and Playboy’s “Top Ten Bars” (2016). Additionally, his name has been lauded in many other national publications such as Food & Wine Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and U.S. Today.]

Sean’s passion goes beyond building food and beverage empires. He is deeply involved and dedicated to several community charities and restoration efforts. Sean’s commitment to leaving the world a better and brighter place is directly in line with our ethos and logos and we are over the moon to have his ambassadorship.