Ranch Water – What’s in a Name?

If you’re looking for something with just a touch of mystique while both quenching thirst on arid summer evenings and conjuring the sunshine during the winter doldrums, this swiss army knife of cocktails is gaining in notoriety and popularity. With just three ingredients, this sparkling cocktail is low on calories and is a high-class spin on a low-brow classic: Ranch Water.

This word-of-mouth favorite first started mounting interest in the early 2010s and has been gracing menus far and wide while cultivating a cult following. Folklore and myth say this potion’s moniker came from a feral rancher who, charmed by the Ranch Water’s spirits, embarked on a journey following the West Texas stars that would take him from Fort Davis to Marathon, where he concluded his odyssey with a nap beneath a Pinon tree. We like to think the true origin of its name honors the Ranchers who founded the Don Celso Distillery on the La Guadalupana Ranch in Janos, which ran deep with mineral-rich well-water used in the production of our Sotol.

The supernatural qualities of this refresher lie in its ingredients; Starting with Topo Chico.  über-effervescent, these mineral waters are sourced from an inactive volcano in Northern Mexico and rumored to have cured an Aztec Princess of a mysterious illness that no physicians could remedy. Bottled since 1895, we compound the magical qualities of this mixer by elevating the ingredients to the nth power and swapping Sotol for Tequila.

Traditionally mixed with tequila and lime juice, proponents and mixologists of our version of ranch water find that using tequila is like using canned lime instead of fresh lime, lacking class and quality. The spellwork and craftsmanship of Los Magos sotol translate not only to a smooth finish and enjoyable aftertaste but also into an experience that goes beyond refreshing and delivers you to a time and a place that are simple and carefree.

This dangerously delicious bevvie renders skinny margarita’s obsolete for the more delicate drinker while being robust enough to satisfy even the burliest of barflies. So for a taste and experience that will turn any occasion into a perfect day, order a Sotol Ranch Water and then thank the West Texas Stars you heard about it when you did.


  • 2oz Los Magos Sotol
  • ½ fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 4 – 6 oz Topo Chico

Serve over ice – salt rim and a lime wedge