Less is more especially with this elegant paring of Los Magos, muddled lime and a turbinado sugar cube. Sugar and citrus with just a dash of smoked salt bring out the intensity and subtle nuances of the incomparable Los Magos Sotol.


  • 2 oz Los Magos
  • 1/2 lime (quartered)
  • 1 turbinado sugar cube
  • Muddle limes & sugar together, add Los Magos and Ice, Shake and pour into double old fashioned glass and garnish with pinch of sea salt (smoked salt preferred)

Note: This is made in the style of a traditional caipirinha adjusted for the unique flavors of Los Magos Sotol. Cocktail is shaken and poured with the same ice into glass.




Rocks glass.


Sean Kenyon, Owner of “Worlds’ Top 50 Bars,” American Bartender of the Year, Mixologist of the Year, James Beard Semifinalist