Less is more especially with this elegant paring of Los Magos, muddled lime and a turbinado sugar cube. Sugar and citrus with just a dash of smoked salt bring out the intensity and subtle nuances of the incomparable Los Mago Sotol.


  • 2oz Los Magos
  • 1/2 lime (quartered)
  • 1 turbinado sugar cube
  • Muddle limes & sugar together, add Los Magos and Ice, Shake and pour into double old fashioned glass and garnish with pinch of sea salt (smoked salt preferred)

Note: This is made in the style of a traditional caipirinha adjusted for the unique flavors of Los Magos Sotol. Cocktail is shaken and poured with the same ice into glass.

Build: Shake
Glass: Rocks glass

Credit: Sean Kenyon, Owner of “Worlds’ Top 50 Bars,” American Bartender of the Year, Mixologist of the Year, James Beard Semifinalist